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to find websites again

A free extension to instantly find websites again - without bookmarking them.
Simply search with what you remember about them.

No Sign-up.   No Credit Card.  Full Privacy. You Own Your Data.

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Search every word of every website you visited or bookmarked

Remember that one article with the words "climate change" in the text?

Search with what you remember from the address bar of the browser.

Filter by time, domain, tags & bookmarks

Search just like your brain remembers the page you are looking for.

"That article I visited two weeks ago on about decentralization"

"That tab I just closed on"

Blacklist Domains & Urls

Prevent domains or specific websites from being stored.
Like bank account or your favorite naughty sites.

Retrospectively delete all traces of unwanted websites.

Additional Features

Import your existing browsing history/bookmarks

Dig deeper into the past. You can optionally import your existing browsing history and bookmarks.

In any case, Memex stays in sync with the bookmarks you make in your browser.

Group and Filter by Tags

Organize groups of websites by using tags and quickly find them all again. 

Pause Indexing

Need to go incognito?
No problem. You can pause Memex whenever you need.

Search PDFs

Find anything on any PDF you open in your browser.


Link to Highlights in Articles

You want to show a person a specific piece of the text? 
No more annoying copy pasting link and quote. 

Read it Later

Save websites to read them at a later time, also when offline. 


Quickly add any information you need to remember about that article. 


Focus your commentary on pieces of the text. 

Which features would you like to see first?

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WorldBrain’s vision is a well-informed, less polarised society, that enjoys full data ownership and privacy.

We want to foster a mindset empowering people to make life's most important decisions with clarity and purpose.

So we built Memex, a bookmarking tool for great thinkers.
For those who are curious enough to keep an open mind and bold enough to admit they're wrong.


With Memex, we want to make it 10X+ faster for individuals to organise, recover and share the most useful and trustworthy content they find on the web.


Your data is fully stored locally on your device. We will never have access to it without your approval. 
Depending on your plan, it is either kept only locally, or fully encrypted for back-up in the cloud.
Additionally, we receive anonymized usage statistics about how people use the extension.
You can always opt-out and we respect the browser’s ‘do not track’ requests.
Find out more in our privacy policy

Our software is open-source so you can verify these claims yourself by looking at our source code. 

Until now we’ve been funded by personal investments of the founder Oliver Sauter and a grant by Digital Science.

Soon, our cloud service will help us meet the bottom line.

We currently crowdfund its development.
Help us getting there and save up to 75% for your first year.
For more information visit

Per url visited it stores on average around 140kb. If you are a heavy web user with 30.000 visited documents you end up with about 4GB of data per year.
Our cloud plan allows you to send this to the cloud.

While being idle, the extension needs around 80MB of Ram, which can go up to about 250-300 when you are opening the search overview or settings. Only when importing your previous history or bookmarks, the extension gets demanding. 

The only CPU spikes you’ll experience are small peaks when you import your history and bookmarks, or about 10 seconds after you visit a website, because of the resources needed to index pages.

Users with a modern setup should not experience any lag. Some low-spec machines may do, but we are constantly working on performance improvements.
With our upcoming premium service, you can also offload most of that work to the cloud.