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A privacy focused extension to annotate, search and organize what you've seen online.

Get started in less than 30 seconds.
No account necessary. All data stored locally.

Tired of bookmarking, re-googling & copy-pasting notes?

Memex organizes your web-research so you can utilize the power of your brain: thinking in associations.

🔍 Full-Text Search your Web History & Bookmarks

Instantly recover anything you've seen before without doing any upfront work.
Even if you just remember a single word, the time frame or the domain.

📝 Add Highlights and Notes on any Web Page

No more copy-pasting of important pieces and thoughts. Highlight, click, done.
Keep your thoughts organized with their original context.

⚡️ Organize your Discoveries Fast and Flexibly

Tag and sort what you find online into full-text searchable collections.
Automatically sync with your browser's bookmarks and use keyboard shortcuts for everything.

📱Use Memex on All Devices

Save & search websites and add notes on the go.
Securely sync your Memex between browsers, iOS & Android devices.

Get started in less than 30 seconds. No account necessary.

Import your existing bookmarks & web history from Pocket, Diigo, and many more.

Data Ownership, Privacy &
Freedom by design

😎 All data stored locally - offline first

Nobody has access to your data unless you share it with someone. Your data is not our business model. Learn More >>

💡 Open Source & here to stay

Copy. Modify. Innovate. Adapt Memex' code and easily move your data to a version that suits your needs the best.

🔐 No VC Money, No-Lock-ins

We don't want to lock-in our users for the sake of growth and maximising shareholder value. We are a Steward Ownership company that wants to be successful if we provide real value to our users, not by hyping up our valuation.

⛅️ Backup to your cloud or computer

Backup (and soon sync) your data to any of your favourite cloud providers or to your local filesystem.