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    Find an upcoming feature you want to back, get rewarded with Memex Credits
    and support building the Memex you want.
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How Does it work?

1. Pick a feature you want to fund.
2. Back it with an amount of your choice.
2. Once they launch you get rewarded with Memex Credits (what's that?)


Free Features

Earn back 150% of your contribution
A big 💖thank you💖 for helping to make Memex' free features better for everyone.
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Premium Features

Earn back 300% of your contribution
Since you help funding features with which we, and other Memex providers, can make revenue you should get a higher reward.
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Flexible Funding

Earn back 450% of your contribution
This fund is flexibly usable for worldbrain.io for any operation we deem necessary. Payout: 50% after 9 months - 50% after 12 months
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Featured Projects

Why Crowdfunding?

What is the world you want to live in?

One where companies’ need to constantly grow exploits the environment, working people and users, and where all generated wealth benefits a few investors? Where products constantly miss out on “that one feature you really need”, and where you are forced to stay because of the many artificial network effects?


One where the growth of businesses is in synergy with the the human, economical and ecological ecosystem? Where a business’ main motivation is to serve its people and users. Where you as a user get the best software for your needs and where you can switch between providers anytime?

We want to live in the latter. We want Memex to be a tool built for and with the people who use it. In 10 years time we envision hundreds+ of Memex-like tools perfectly adapted to an individual’s needs which worldbrain.io didn’t build and that help people to organise and communicate their most valuable knowledge. Only through that we can reach the thought diversity needed in order to reach our vision.
We also think that the market for Memex-like tools is large enough for more than a couple of big players to be financially successful. 

To make that possible Memex is open-source so you can take our code, adapt it to your needs and still be able to exchange information with any other Memex in your network. You’ll also be able to easily switch between Memexes or use them in parallel (e.g. to just try another one out). This is called ‘interoperability’.

To fund all this, worldbrain.io doesn’t take venture capital (VC) investments. We do have investors but they invest with a model called Steward Ownership (Intros: Beginner, Advanced, Full) that does not make worldbrain.io/Memex a tradable commodity. It prevents worldbrain.io’s value to be based on speculation, and gives fair and predictable/capped returns on investments.
If we took VC money we could not follow our philosophy of interoperability and couldn’t enable our community to build other Memexes from which we make little to no profits. This is because VCs only makes returns if the speculative value of an invested company constantly grows. As a result, VC backed companies need to capture as much of the profits, growth and market as possible and lock their users into their products in order to be able to justify a higher value in the next funding round. They need to strive for monopolisation. Distributing growth and wealth in the network and enabling the kind of interoperability we aim for, is counter to VC’s need for companies to grow as large as possible.

What we share with the traditional VC approach is the belief that growth, given thoughtful moderation, can be a good thing. Also that people who contribute money and/or time to the success of any endeavour should be properly compensated for their risk, sweat and tears. This obviously includes our community. To make this possible we chose the route of funding Memex’ development with our community of users via this crowdfunding approach, combined with impact oriented investors funding worldbrain.io through the Steward Ownership model.

Our whole team at worldbrain.io invites you to join this journey and help building the best Memex you can get.

Let’s get to work, we have a lot to do.


Yes, you can use them for any premium upgrade you like. However the rewards are only paid out, once the feature you funded launches to everyone else. 

Important: You can’t use rewarded credits to fund other crowdfunding initiatives. 

No. The rewards can not be paid out in your native currency. They can only be used for upgrading premium features. 

Important: You also can’t use rewarded credits to fund other crowdfunding initiatives. 

No. This is a presale for our features and premium services. The money you spend here can only be redeemed through Memex Credits used for utilising Memex premium features, not cash.