We highly value your privacy and data ownership. It’s at the core of what we do.
Your personal data is fully stored locally on your device. Noone will ever have access to it unless you share it, or back it up to one of your favorite cloud providers. 

If you use Memex.Link (where you can share links to highlighted text) we only store the the url and the highlighted text on our servers.
We do not save any personally identifiable information with it, like IP addresses of you or the people requesting those links. 

Our business model does not depend on analysing and/or selling your data. 
We want to be profitable because we deliver real value to you and other users through the premium services we offer now and in the future. 

To protect your privacy and not lock you into our services for the necessity to grow at all costs, does not take venture capital funding. Instead we finance the company through a model called Steward Ownership. It is a profit sharing model with capped returns for investors and team members. 

To improve Memex usability and gain statistical data about its use, we collect anonymized usage statistics about how people use the extension and its features. Those will not contain anything personally identifiable like the urls visited, terms searched or annotation content.
We only track interactions with the software itself to improve user experience and features

You can always opt-out of this analysis and we respect the browser’s ‘do not track’ requests. See a full list of the data collected in our privacy policy
Our software is open-source so you can verify these claims yourself by looking at our source code.

Yeah, that can be a bit scary. However, those permissions are necessary for the extension to function properly. Memex does only index text that is visible on first page load. It does not index password and text fields. 

As you can see in our source code we do not send any of your personal data anywhere. It is all on your computer. 


For the money you chip into enabling the development of Memex Snycing features you’ll get back 4x of that money in the form of premium credits you can use for any paid upgrade now and in the future. 

Those credits cannot be paid out in cash. 

Your reward is paid out when the first syncing features launch, which is expected to happen in early June.


Unfortunately not on the crowdfunding. (We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for premium upgrades) 
Participating in crowdfunding endeavours is always bound to a risk which we compensate with the 400% reward you’ll get. The money you spend will almost immediately be used to pay for the development of the syncing features.

System Requirements

Well, it depends 🙂
If you only index website without the screenshot thumbnails that are taken, Memex needs ~500Mb per 25.000 websites. 
This is roughly 1 year of research for the average person. 

If you include the screenshots, Memex takes up up to 2GB for the same 25.000 websites. 

If you backup your Memex data to your local hard drive, the data gets duplicated as of now. 

Since Memex runs fully locally, the speed of your search queries and load on the system are strongly dependent on the power of your machine. 
Although Memex runs on 4GB RAM, we recommend having at least 8GB RAM.

CPU wise there are no minimum requirements. More just means its gonna be faster for you. 

On Firefox

  • You can’t index visited PDFs because Firefox released an update preventing extensions to extract data from PDFs. Sorry 🙁

All Browsers

  • When you import (and re-download) urls, some of the URLs may be deemed as potentially dangerous by your browser. It stops all processes in the import tab and causes it to freeze. There is a workaround available.