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WorldBrain’s vision is a well-informed, less polarised society, that can make complex decisions efficiently, sustainably and compassionately. A world where users enjoys full data ownership and privacy, and where vendor lock-ins are a thing of the past.

Current Mission

With Memex, we strive to make it effortless for you to organise, recover, share and discover the most useful and perspective rich content you find online.


We highly value your privacy and data ownership. It’s at the core of what we do. Your personal data is fully stored locally on your device. We will never have access to it without your strong consent. 
To provide you with the Memex.Link services, the url and the highlight you want to share are stored on our servers. We do not store any personally identifiable information with it, like IP addresses of you or the people requesting it. 
We do however receive anonymized usage statistics about how people use the extension and its features. It will not contain anything personally identifiable like the urls visited or terms searched, only interactions with the software itself to improve user experience and features

You can always opt-out of this analysis and we respect the browser’s ‘do not track’ requests. Find out more in our full privacy policy

Our software is open-source so you can verify these claims yourself by looking at our source code.

Our business model does not depend on analysing and/or selling your data. 
We want to be profitable because we deliver real value to you and other users. 
This will happen through our premium features of (the self-hostable) Memex.Cloud, which will provide services like encrypted cloud backups, multi-device support and enhanced sharing of annotations and collections.
A bit like WordPress, you can run those servers yourself or pay us for doing it for you. 

With 20.000 visited websites you end up with about 1GB of data. If you are a heavy web-user it will be about 4-5GB per year. 
Our upcoming cloud plan allows you to backup your data to an encrypted to the cloud, or host this cloud yourself.

Our custom built search technology is capable of storing and searching up to 5 years of your personal web-research in the browser.

When browsing around, the extension needs around 80-130MB of Ram, which can go up to about 250-300 when you are using the search overview. Only when you import your existing browsing history and bookmarks, the CPU load will significantly increase and RAM can spike to around 500MB, because it needs to re-fetch all websites and index them in continuously. 

The only CPU spikes you’ll experience are small peaks when you import your history and bookmarks, or about 3-5 seconds after you visit a website, because of the resources needed to index pages.

Users with a modern setup should not experience any lag. Some low-spec machines may do, but we are constantly working on performance improvements.
With our upcoming premium service, you can also offload most of that work to (your personal) cloud.

We understand that for your work you don’t want to reference links that might disappear later. 

We are committed to make sure that the already created link will always be available, even if worldbrain.io does not exist anymore. The costs of running this service are very low. 

We are also looking for appropriate partners to steward the public sharing server for these Memex.Links. 

If all else fails, each Memex.Link URL hast the full original URL in it, so that users can still reach the page linked to without problems. 

Yeah, that can be a bit scary. However, those permissions are necessary for the extension to function properly. 

As you can see in our source code we do not send any of your personal data anywhere. It is all on your computer. 
The clipboard permission in particular is only there to copy stuff into the clipboard, NOT to read anything from it.