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The First 1000 Supporters​ Get

Memex Cloud


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…the next 2000 for 15€, the next 3000 for 20€  and so forth.

We are a community driven project and crowdfund our development.
Become a supporter and make Memex Cloud possible.

* Features not guaranteed to be available immediately after launch of Memex Cloud


Memex on all your Devices

Search & index your history on your mobile, multiple browsers and computers.  

Encrypted Backup in the Cloud

Your Memex is encrypted on your device and then safely backed-up to the cloud. 

Your data is for your eyes only – you own it. 
Made possible with

Search other Apps & Services

Being in the cloud allows for a seamless integration with other services. Search Evernote, Gmail, Slack and more. 

All in one unified search interface.  

WordPress-like Plugins

You want to extend Memex’ functionality, or run a special analysis on your own data? 

No problem with our plugin system, allowing anyone to adapt Memex to their needs. 

Move & Use your Data Anywhere, Anytime.

Our software is open by design. It’s open-source and aimed to be as interoperable as possible.
We don’t want to lock you into our service. 

Our APIs will give you barrierless access and
let you move your data anywhere, anytime.

Monetise your Data

The data you produce is highly valuable on the open market. For example to train algorithms, or develop new content-based services. 
In the old world, services are free but you and your data are the product.
In the new world, you own your data and can sell it to anyone you like, or keep it completely private. 

Self-Host Everything

You’re into computers and stuff, and know how to run a server?
Then you can host Memex Cloud yourself and enjoy full autonomy. You run it at your own costs – no extra costs through WorldBrain. 

If you want to learn more about our open source development, you can visit our GitHub repository


At this point we can’t make any concrete estimations as it depends on how fast we raise enough money to fully develop it. 

You can subscribe to our monthly update email to follow or progress. 

We cannot guarantee which features will be available at a certain point, or in which order we are going to build them.
Being able to search and index from any device and encrypted cloud backup are on top of the list.
The features with a * are dependent on how much funds we raise, what you as users want first and how they fit into a reasonable roadmap.

>> Vote Here for your favorite features

Also we are going to spend the money on improving the Memex as the standalone browser extension in both features and performance

Exciting features include:

  • Add comments & annotations
  • Find posts & comments from your newsfeeds on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Share collections of websites with other people.

This is a presale, so you are funding something that still needs to be developed. 
As a thank you for the risk you are taking and being an early supporter, you get the stated discount in return. 

However much we would like to reimburse you the money in case we don’t make it, it’s probably not possible. 
We will spend all the money raised on paying developers and other team members. 
Our main focus is to get this baby running, so we will do our best that this will not happen.
Also, we are on a mission, so failing is not an option for us. We will find ways to make this work.