Our Team

Stefano Solinas

Advisor & Open-Source Contributor

After 10 years of working as a developer, designer, video editor and trainer in Pisa, Stefano felt the call of a bigger city and took a plane to London. He’s currently a JavaScript developer, spare time designer, and forum fairy when in a good mood.


Advisor & Developer of WebMemex

Comfortable with front-ends and back-ends, happily training neural networks or soldering transistors, Gerben is an all-round geek on a mission to improve the world (wide web).

Oliver Sauter

Founder of WorldBrain.io

Working on battling #fakenews before it was “uncool”. Mozilla Mentor. Responsible for Strategy, Marketing and Community.
Proud owner of a brain and a pair of medium crafty hands.

Benjamin Young


inventor & evangelist – I ❤ @couchdb, @pouchdb, @w3c, @ietf | organize @RESTFest | building @blueinkcms

Arpit Gogia

Open-Source Contributor

Undergraduate student from Delhi, India. Open source enthusiast, loves to work on an intersection of science, machine learning and AI.

Dan Lüdtke


Dan is a consultant in information security and technology assessment. He wrote a n IPv6 book, contributes to OSS, helps organising hacker events and dreams of space travel.

Jonathan Poltak Samosir

Open-Source Contributor

Australian all-round developer based in Vietnam. Long time fan of open-source software, and computers in general. Away from computers Jonathan is a diligent student of language, avid book reader, and trying to learn how to grow plants.

Shivang Bharadwaj

Google Summer of Code Student

Open source fanatic from Delhi, India. Python and JavaScript developer, rookie designer and NLP student. Loves to read and code.

Urban Cvek

Open-Source Contributor

Full stack developer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Loves spending his (free) time making awesome software and teaching everyone around him how to code.

Vanessa Ho

Rails Girls Summer of Code Student

Junior developer from Canada, who has also worked on water technology projects for developing countries. Excited about cycling, social impact and cereal!

Jessica Leach

Rails Girls Summer of Code Student

Studied Biomedical Science before teaching and working in edtech, where she got interesting in coding. She’s made illustrations for The Guardian and a comic book about Schizophrenia.

Raj Maharaj

Open-Source Contributor

Mozillian from Delhi, India. Contributor to DuckDuckGo, Javascript and Angular Developer.