Our Team

Stefano Solinas

Advisor & Open-Source Contributor

After 10 years of working as a developer, designer, video editor and trainer in Pisa, Stefano felt the call of a bigger city and took a plane to London. He’s currently a JavaScript developer, spare time designer, and forum fairy when in a good mood.


Advisor & Developer of WebMemex

Comfortable with front-ends and back-ends, happily training neural networks or soldering transistors, Gerben is an all-round geek on a mission to improve the world (wide web).

Oliver Sauter

Founder of WorldBrain.io

Working on battling #fakenews before it was “uncool”. Mozilla Mentor. Responsible for Strategy, Marketing and Community.
Proud owner of a brain and a pair of medium crafty hands.

Benjamin Young


inventor & evangelist – I ❤ @couchdb, @pouchdb, @w3c, @ietf | organize @RESTFest | building @blueinkcms

Aquib Master

Open-Source Contributor

Frontend developer based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Arpit Gogia

Open-Source Contributor

Undergraduate student from Delhi, India. Open source enthusiast, loves to work on an intersection of science, machine learning and AI.

Dan Lüdtke


Dan is a consultant in information security and technology assessment. He wrote a n IPv6 book, contributes to OSS, helps organising hacker events and dreams of space travel.

Raj Maharaj

Open-Source Contributor

Mozillian from Delhi, India. Contributor to DuckDuckGo, Javascript and Angular Developer.